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Buddy Webb & Co team of design professionals

It's a team effort

. . . and we've got a great team.

Buddy Webb & Company has been an established firm for over 20 years and continues to grow and evolve staying in sync with new technology but honoring time-proven values such as trust, reliability and honesty. We are licensed in 49 states allowing us to provide services to our clients nationally.  In addition, our small firm status puts our architectural associate team members on a fast track to becoming knowledgeable about the overall design and construction industry.  Our experienced team leaders provide assistance and oversight and have quality control guidelines in place…all of which provide an excellent opportunity to expand on the knowledge obtained in the classroom and apply it to real-life projects and situations. Registered Architects have an opportunity to advance within the firm and assume more responsibility. 

Office Design by Buddy Webb & Co.
Design Professionals

Our Design Professionals generally fall into two categories:

An Architectural Associate holds a Bachelor's or Master's Degree of Architecture and is on the path to architectural licensure.  This individual performs research and analyses and develops designs and technical solutions under the direct supervision of a licensed architect.

An Architect has at least three years of experience and has obtained licensure.  This individual exercises independent judgement and problem-solving based on knowledge and experience, while collaborating with the team for additional ideas and perspectives.

Residential Design by Buddy Webb & Co
General Requirements & Responsibilities
  • All architectural employees must have a Bachelor's or Master's degree in Architecture from a NAAB accredited program.

  • Must participate in the AXP (Architectural Experience Program) unless already fully licensed.

  • Must obtain state architectural registration within two (2) years of eligibility, unless already fully licensed.

  • Manage assigned projects from conception through completion.

  • Develop a knowledge of construction materials, means and methods.

  • Develop a knowledge of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) contract document requirements and responsibilities.

Audiovisual Conference
Professional Development

We work in an industry that is ever-changing as new technologies, tools, and resources are developed.  In order to provide the best possible service to our clients, we have to continue to learn, adapt, and evolve.  As a firm and as individuals, we participate in professional organizations such as AIA, CSI, the Springfield Contractors Association, and the Springfield Chamber of Commerce.  These organizations offer a multitude of learning opportunities and provide us with a network of professionals both within and beyond our industry with whom we can share knowledge and ideas and form connections.

Working Over Coffee
Committee Collaboration

At BWCO, we have established committees to focus on different areas of our firm development - Business Development, Marketing, and Design & Technology.  Each team member chooses a committee and then participates in regular conversations regarding how that area of the firm can develop and evolve.  This helps us maintain focus and forward momentum in all three areas.  Our staff is the future of this firm, and it is important that they each have a voice in our operations and direction.  It's also an opportunity to utilize some of the other talents and skills of our staff and helps keep things varied and interesting for everyone.

Community service projects through volunteering by Buddy Webb & Co.
Community Commitment

Employees of BWCO are encouraged to be involved in the community through volunteer work and involvement in local organizations.  The company allows employees time off work each month to volunteer without having to use vacation time.  The firm also supports local charitable organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, Ozarks Food Harvest, and the Shriners through sponsorships and donations.  Additionally, we provide support to charities and community betterment organizations by providing pro bono design services.

Join the BWCO Team

Position: Project Architect and/ or Architectural Intern

Job Description:

Buddy Webb and Company is a full-service architecture firm in Springfield, Missouri committed to creating exceptional design solutions for both commercial and residential clients. BWCO is seeking a Project Architect and/ or an Architectural Intern to join our design team. Our success has been accredited to the attention to our clients, dedicated employees, and our timeliness in the field of deadlines and communication for our clients. 

Candidate's qualifications should include:

- Architectural degree required- licensed or non-licensed acceptable

- Experience working in a professional setting

- Knowledge of all phases of design- from Schematic Design through Project Closeout

- Strong Autodesk Revit and AutoCAD experience

- Proficiency in Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Suite, including Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign

- Excellent graphic and presentation skills, as well as communication and organization skills

- Ability to coordinate civil, structural, and MEP documents and drawings

- Ability to work closely with designers, project managers, and principles

- Flexibility, motivation, and be capable of self-directed work along with team interaction


The ideal candidate would be highly proactive, obtain good communication skills, and have some experience in the field of architecture/ construction

Apply Now

Please submit one file including: cover letter, resume, and references list.

Candidates may also email or call.

(417) 877-1385

Good causes, good times, great people . . . 
Ashton & Chris

BWCO sponsors the Habitat for Humanity Tool Belts and Bowties fundraiser.


2019 Office Outing


St. Louis Rebuilding Together Community Garden Project

Buddy & Lesley

Participating in the CSI Bricklayer 100 Competition.

Annual BWCO table centerpiece sponsorship at the SCA Salute to Construction event.

Drury CANstruction event providing canned food donation to Ozarks Food Harvest.

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