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Cogs in the Machine

We work with our clients to understand their vision, goals, and requirements.  This can include preliminary cost estimates, review of size and adjacency requirements, and assessing wants and needs relative to those constraints.  We also evaluate potential future needs and how those might be fluidly integrated over time.

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Site Analysis

A well-executed site analysis provides a strong foundation for a cost effective, environmentally sensitive, and spatially efficient design.  Zoning requirements, traffic patterns, daylighting potential, views, topography, and existing site elements are analyzed and evaluated to determine the assets and challenges of a particular site.

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Facility Analysis

We assist clients in documenting and evaluating their current facilities to help determine whether renovation, a building addition, or a completely new space will best suit their needs.

Urban Planning
Master Planning

We can provide master planning services to owners and developers for larger scale developments.  This often includes project phasing plans and requires communication and cooperation with pertinent government entities.

Building Plan
Schematic Design & Development

We utilize the information gained during the programming and site analysis phases to develop a preliminary design concept for review and coordination with our client and consultants.  The layout and overall appearance are established and refined.

Construction Documents

Plans and specifications are developed to set forth in detail the requirements for construction of the client's project.  We pride ourselves on the clarity and completeness of our construction documents.  We appreciate the significance that quality documents have in the bidding and construction processes.

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We assist clients with obtaining building and zoning permits, along with other government agency approvals in various municipalities all over the country.  Every jurisdiction is unique, and we have years of experience navigating the various processes and requirements encountered at this stage.  A key element to success is early and ongoing communication with these entities.

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Bidding & Negotiation

We often assist our clients in hiring a general contractor through either bidding or negotiation.  We have worked with many excellent contractors both locally and nationally and can make recommendations for invited bidders, depending on the project scope and scale.  We can also assist with the review of bids and the preparation and execution of contract documents.

Contract Administration

We represent our clients during construction and perform the necessary reviews and inspections to ensure the work is done in accordance with the contract documents.  We will work with both the contractor and the owner to resolve any unforeseen issues that may arise during the construction process.

Feasibility Studies

We can help a client assess the viability of a project before diving headlong into a time consuming and expensive endeavor.  This might include preliminary budget review and cost estimating, along with zoning ordinance and building code reviews to identify upfront any potential obstacles to the project's success.  If the project is determined to be feasible, we can assist in establishing a path for moving the project forward.

3-D Modeling & Renderings

These have become an integral part of our design process, as they so accurately convey the design intent to our clients.  3-D models can also be a useful tool for fundraising or for obtaining board or committee approvals, and we are happy to provide them in presentation quality for those purposes.

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Preliminary Consultation

Before providing a proposal for our services, we love an opportunity to sit down with a potential client to discuss their goals and flesh out their needs.  If meeting at the potential project site is feasible, that's even better.  It's important for us to understand your vision, and it's important for you to know that we're a good fit for your project team.  It's a small commitment of our time that we're happy to make in order to get our relationship started off on the right foot.

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